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Why It’s Important To Spring-Clean Your Office

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Spring is here! And for some of us, that means spring-cleaning will be added as an item on our to-do lists. Spring-cleaning is, after all, one of the rites of the season.

My spring-cleaning ritual has always included my office environment. Over the years, I have carved out time to organize, de-clutter and refresh my space. By doing so, I created a space with a “fresh start†so to speak.

After each spring-cleaning initiative, I felt energized and renewed. It turns out that my external surrounding was more important than I realized. It was linked to the way in which I sustained my leadership vitality. When my space was clean, I experienced reduced stress and enhanced productivity.

These spring-cleaning habits date back to my days as a young professional. I started my career with IBM where a clean desk policy was enforced. Each night, before leaving the office, I organized my space. Some nights it was my turn to be “on duty†as the clean desk administrator, writing up those who failed to maintain standards. Thus, I learned early on the habits of and reasons for maintaining a clean office environment.

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